Saturday, June 22, 2013

FMW - 43rd Southern Region- Business networking and Leadership Award Summit - FMG WORLDWIDE

On 31st May and 1st june 2013 - FMW-43rd Southern Region - Business Networking and Leadership Award was held in Bengaluru,India.
World's 1st online attends as Media partners to cover the Award ceremony, lectures, interactive discussion of business strategies, analysis and business objectives according to market trends by the top Brands and successful Business Head.

The 2 days event was held in a beautiful 5 Star Resort - Confident Group - which is located in outskirts of Bengaluru city .The Resort had all the luxury and architect of Egyptian culture and Buddhist  Spiritual essence in a huge property which is well tailored. They were hospitable and,food was excellent. It was a great networking moment in these 2 days event. While taking the interview of the eminent business personalities, i also realized that it was a very educative process also for every one as personalities from different walks of Brands were present there sharing,giving there inputs and adding their knowledge how with new strategies the economic environment can be improved as well as good leadership skills are required to lead a company successfully.

The most important factor which came to the surface was that now is the time that Facility management institution should come up where students and youngsters can enroll themselves seriously in this area of study, get trained in their skills and certified to have  a proper career. It has a huge space for growth and building ones career.

Mr. K.N Rajen and  Mr. Vishwa Bhaskar was the main personality who organised this magnificent event and made it so luxurious, comfortable and worthied. Everyone had a excellent time as they came up with felicitating the Facility management specialist for their excellence. It was a moment for  great  pride of honour and inspiration which they will always cherish to do much better work in their near future.

We as a team from thank Mr. K.N. Rajan and Mr. Vishwa for inviting us to be part of  this memorable and magnificent event as Media Partners.

World's first online  social channel - Chairman Arun Kumar Kamal  along with their Brand Ambassador Kristna Saikia attends as Media partners. FMW - 43rd Southern Region- Business networking and  Leadership Award Summit - FMG WORLDWIDE Bengaluru, India.

- Kristna Saikia 
  Brand Ambassador
  (India Bureau)

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